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Privacy notice

We prefer to collect as little information as possible from you. However, collecting information is sometimes necessary, for example, when joining dpo pro as a member. We will always treat your data carefully and will do everything in our power to safeguard your privacy.

As a professional association for Belgian DPOs, we guarantee the following regarding your privacy:
1. We never share your personal data with other parties without a valid reason.
2. We protect your personal data as if they were our own.
3. We will only use your personal data for the purposes clearly defined below.

Please find hereunder more information about the data processing operations by dpo pro.


dpo pro VZW
Professional association of Belgian Data Protection Officers
KBO/BCE number 0688.902.413
rue des Sols, 8 Qtuiversstraat, 8
1000 Brussels

While dpo pro was specifically founded by DPOs for DPOs, which could rightfully lead you to expect certain guarantees, no formal DPO has been appointed for dpo pro.


2.Lawful basis for processing personal data

2.1 Agreement between members and dpo pro (membership)

Personal data will be processed for the purposes of:
• managing member administration for dpo pro;
• organizing dpo pro events;
• informing members about dpo pro activities;
• exchanging information between members of dpo pro;
• presenting offers from third parties to our members;
• handling questions or complaints from members or from third parties against members;
• publishing a register of affiliated members.

In the following sections we outline the information we may collect from you.

Name and address
We process your name, because we prefer addressing you in person rather than through an arbitrary code. Without your residential address we wouldn’t be able to send you invoices for the membership contribution or events. Next, we wouldn’t be able to send you a letter in case we fail to contact you in any other way. Finally, we wouldn’t be able to join you for a BBQ either, if, of course, you care to invite us.

We need your email to communicate with you. We will primarily use email to inform you about the annual members’ meeting and any extraordinary meetings. Furthermore, we will send you invoices exclusively via email.
In addition, we will keep you informed of the activities we organize, any offers we deem relevant enough to share and all other information by and for DPOs.

Phone number
We will not contact you by phone. With your consent, we do publish your phone number in our public member registry.

Payment details
We process your payment details through our bank and its online payment platform.

Information regarding member eligibility
We need the information you provide in the registration form to determine whether you qualify for membership based on specific conditions.

If you do not wish to provide this information, you cannot become or remain a member of dpo pro. Of course, you can choose not to receive dpo pro emails, except for emails related to your membership.

2.2 Legal obligations

As a professional association, dpo pro is required to keep a register of its members including name, first name and residential address. This is an internal register only. If a candidate member does not wish to provide this information, he/she cannot become a member of dpo pro.

2.3 Legitimate interest

dpo pro aims to make its offer to members as relevant as possible. In addition, dpo pro wishes to communicate, on an aggregated basis only, how many members are employed per sector. To this end, dpo pro asks about the sector in which a candidate member works. These data are not processed for any other purpose.

2.4 Following explicit consent

dpo pro will publish a list of its members, both internal and external DPOs, on its website. We believe it is important to inform the public, including potential employers or clients. Furthermore, we would like to offer you the possibility to indicate you interest and availability for internal or external DPO engagements. Of course, we only do this based on your explicit consent. You may also prefer not to make your dpo pro membership public. In this case we will certainly not add you to our public register, but we still hope you would invite us to your BBQ.

3. Third party transfer

Data will only be transferred to third party processors that receive specific instructions from dpo pro. These third-party processors may process the data only for purposes specified by dpo pro and in accordance with the provisions of this notice.

We do not sell any of your data. We will only share your data with third parties if one of the following circumstances applies:
– for executing a service for dpo pro;
– for facilitating payments by payment service providers;
– for meeting a legal obligation.

4. Data retention

dpo pro processes data for the duration of active or honorary membership in dpo pro. Data are, in principle, stored for two years after the end of a membership. However, dpo pro is required to:
• maintain accounting records for seven years, such as membership invoices;
• maintain records of the possible liability of dpo pro for membership and/or exclusion of members for 10 years, e.g., the application for membership and the decision on membership;
• maintaining a record of consent (in relation to 2.4) for a period of five years after you have withdrawn your consent or cancelled your membership.

5. Data subject rights

Members and candidate members have the following rights towards dpo pro:
• the right of access to and rectification of personal data processed by dpo pro;
• the right to erase and restrict data processed by dpo pro to the extent this request is compatible with the purposes of processing;
• the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority.

If the purposes for processing change or this notice is modified, dpo pro will provide you prior notice.

6. Contact details

If you have any questions about your rights, the processing of your personal data or other questions regarding personal data, please contact us at info(at)

dpo pro BE 0688.902.413
Rue des Sols 8 1000 Brussels

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