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Data Protection Institute – Privacy Café

Privacy Café

November 8, 2021 – 05:30 PM

@ Le Wellington – Waterloo




Part 1: Frank Schuermans

Member-advisor of the Police Information supervisory Body

In the first session this evening, we welcome Frank Schuermans. Frank is a familiar face in the world of data protection, notably as a former member of the Commission for the Protection of Privacy. He is currently director of the Control Board for Police Information (COC). The police forces are now also faced with the enormous challenge of integrating the new technologies properly into their operations. And of course the citizen wants all data protection rules to be respected. During this conference, Frank will introduce us to the COC and we will find out what the challenges are in these areas and what we as DPOs can learn from them.


Part 2:

Franck Dumortier

Searcher VUB – Consultant

In addition to his role as a trainer at the Data Protection Institute, Franck Dumortier is a legal researcher at the Cyber & Data Security Lab of the VUB and a consultant at In his presentation, Franck will analyse the security obligation as imposed by the GDPR in the light of the recent interpretative work of the data protection authorities and the European courts.

Valéry Vander Geeten

Legal Officer Senior – DPO Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium

Valéry Vander Geeten is the legal officer and data protection officer of the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB). He will discuss the prospects for the evolution of the NIS legal obligations regarding security and incident reporting in the field of network and information systems security. The NIS rules currently apply to the sectors of Transport, Energy, Finance, Health, Drinking water, Digital infrastructure and Digital service providers. However, the new proposal for a European directive (NIS2) provides for a broadening of the types of operators, obligations and sectors concerned (e.g. telecoms, public administrations, electronic equipment companies, food and chemical companies).

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