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Become a member of dpo pro!

Become a member

Being a member of dpo pro is obtaining all the following advantages for only 195 euros per year; NOW for 100 euros till end 2020

  • Thanks to dpo pro, make your voice heard by the Data Proteciton Authority (DPA)
  • Be the first to receive the information we receive from the DPA
  • Participate in all the events we organize (or support) at better prices than non-members
  • Be part of the professional network for DPOs and exchange best practices and experiences
  • Benefit free of charge from AS&S GDPR Procedure Toolkit  via the website (normal price: € 1.250) – this tool gives you access to GDPR procedures. As soon as you have paid your member registration to dpo pro, you will receive your access codes.
  • Receive a regular newsletter with the latest information on data protection

So many reasons to be part of dpo pro!

Become a member of dpo pro now and invite other DPOs to join.

Do not hesitate to express yourself (via info (at) if you want to actively participate in dpo pro (participate in working groups, if you want to be the dpo pro relay in your area, propose us themes and / or places where to hold our future dpo pro networking nights, propose recent articles or information for the newsletter, etc.).

Feel free to introduce yourself and share with us the active contribution you plan to make. We will answer quickly.

Practical information for registration

We are setting up an online registration module, but before doing that, this is the registration procedure to follow:

  • Pay the amount of membership to dpo pro (195 euro for 1 year or 100 euro as from the 1st of June until end 2020) on the account of the Professional Union dpo pro: BE91 7310 4568 7476 and mention your full name.
  • A debit note will be sent to you after payment. The Professional Union, being exempt from VAT, can not issue invoices. Nevertheless the debit note will fully enter your accounting as business expenses.

Note: The Professional Union consists of natural persons. The statutes do not provide for the possibility for a legal person to become a member. A legal person may nevertheless pay a contribution. To obtain a debit note in the name of the legal entity, please send us an e-mail (info(at), detailing the contact details of the company and attach an evidence of payment.

Membership is valid from February 15th of the year to February 15th of this year.

Who can be a member of dpo pro?

Any person  who exercises, under any status whatsoever, the tasks as described in article 39 of the RGPD or tasks that are assimilated and whose application has been accepted by the Board of Directors. The member must have paid its subscription fee.

We look forward to starting this new year with you.

The Board of directors

dpo pro BE 0688.902.413
Rue des Sols 8 1000 Brussels

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