Cybersecurity for DPO’s: Presentation & recording

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We would like to thank Mr Simon Van Damme, Director IT Assurance & Compliance at Figurad Bedrijfsrevisoren, and Cybersecurity trainer at IIA Belgium & Mr Philippe Cornette, risk management, Cyber Security, IT strategy, DigiSôtertheir for their presentation about “Cybersecurity for DPO’s.

Following the presentation, DPO-pro wants to share the presentation & his 3CX recording with you:

Recording : Recording will be available for 7 days. (In case you want to hear this recording after October 13th, please send an email to

Link-recording-website.pdf (9 downloads)


Presentation of Mr Simon Van Damme: DPO-cybersec-SimonVanDamme.pdf (7 downloads)

Presentation of Mr Philippe Cornette: Risk-based-approach-to-cybersecurity-Digisoter-.pdf (5 downloads)

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