A GDPR Toolkit ?

A GDPR Toolkit ?

The GDPR obliges the Controller to implement new activities and tasks within his organization. This requires a conversion of the applicable rules into workable procedures. The GDPR Procedure Toolkit will help you on your way.

The GDPR Procedure Toolkit:

  • consists of 26 GDPR procedures,
  • every GDPR procedure has been worked out in detail,
  • helps to gain insight into the GDPR process,
  • supports the activities of the DPO (Data Protection Officer) / data protection officer,
  • enables smooth integration of GDPR in business processes,
  • available in Dutch and in French,
  • is accessible via a license, available from AS&S (www.as-s.be), and costs € 1,250 (excl. VAT) but is free for DPO-pro members.

Access to the RGPD procedures toolbox



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