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Survey of DPOs.

Dear Madam, Sir
Dear Member,

Vrije Universiteit Brussel has designated me to conduct this survey to understand the profile, challenges and needs of the Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and other privacy professionals, and we would like to ask you to participate.

The survey is part of the dpo connect project, a collaboration between the Belgian DPA (GBA/APD), dpo pro and VUB. Its goal is to connect the community of DPOs and other Privacy Professionals within them, with the GBA/APD through a GDPR collaboration platform. The survey results will help to build a platform that fits with the needs of the data protection professionals.

Please fill in here

If there are any questions or remarks, please let me know,

Best regards,

René Mahieu
PhD candidate

right of access to personal data
fundamental rights in the digital age

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Rue des Sols 8 1000 Brussels

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